Which B.P. de Silva jewel speaks to you the most?

Every individual’s personal selection of jewellery serves as a reflection of one's personality and beliefs, and also embodies the values and stories held close to their hearts.

Through conversations within the team, what is clear is that jewellery holds profound significance beyond mere adornment; whether it's the allure of elegant Art Deco pieces, the admiration for jewels that honours traditional craftsmanship techniques, or the fascination with intricate designs boasting a romantic flair, each piece holds a unique place in the heart of its wearer, serving as vessels of memories, milestones and meaningful moments cherished.


The Plush Teal Sapphire Necklace

“The colours in the Teal Plush Sapphire Necklace truly makes my heart skip a beat, especially when bathed in natural light. The glittery background of the plush halo really accentuates this piece."
 D, Design & Retail 

Horizon Wave Diamond Band

"The Horizon Wave band is great for everyday wear, serving as the perfect wedding band or a special gift to oneself. Its unique form, versatility and elegance appeals to so many of our clients, myself included."
– V, Marketing.

Old World Charm Diamond Convertible Necklace

"The Old World Charm Necklace is truly exceptional. When I first caught a glimpse of it, I fell in love with it almost immediately. I also adore the story behind it. What I also find remarkable is the ability to personalise the piece, making it a reflection of my own story. It is profoundly sentimental and timeless."
— R, Gem Specialist.

High Street Diamond Necklace

"High Street holds a special place in B.P.'s story. The Peranakan touches in the designs of this collection feel nostalgic yet modern, recalling a time when our brand was born. It's a signature of ours for good reason."
— R, Client Relations.

Lovedrops Lucky in Pink Sapphire

“I've always been drawn to Lovedrops even before I joined the team, and this year when we launched the Pink Sapphire version of our Lovedrops Lucky Bracelet, it instantly became a favourite of mine. Versatile, and unique, I also find the size great for everyday wear. It makes such a sweet statement on the wrist."
— S, Finance.

Monument Legacy Sapphire Ring

"The piece that speaks most to me is the Monument Legacy Sapphire Ring because it embodies the spirit of the brand, from the generations that laid our foundation to who we are today. It is a visual and physical manifestation of the different teams coming together to craft something incredible. This high jewel makes a beautiful statement piece, not only for its wearer but the future generations who will continue to enjoy this piece."
– L, Operations


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