"Our journey towards becoming a conscious jewellery company
will be a marathon with countless decisions ahead, and B.P. de Silva
is dedicated to staying intentional. We are building a company
that works towards
the world we want to see." 
— Shanya Amarasuriya, Creative Director 

Read our interview, "What Is Sustainable Jewellery" with T: The New York Times Magazine here.

Responsible Practice

B.P. de Silva is committed to governing and advocating for responsible practices, beginning with stringent sourcing methods in terms of both gemstones and also the precious metals used to craft our fine keepsakes. In 2020, the brand launched and sent a formal Code of Conduct to all its partners in an effort to promote ethical business, professional work environments, the protection of human rights, and care for people.

Our Pledge To Give Back

Since its founding, The House of B.P’s has always supported various causes. We've made a formal pledge to donate at least 2% of all our sales (not profit or ‘proceeds’) every year to non-profits that share our core values. As a family business, we deeply care about helping families, empowering people, and preserving the environment for our generation, and those to come. Here are some of the causes that we've given to: 

Should you wish to donate to any of the causes above, please click on their logos to head to their website to find out more about their good works. For a more comprehensive look at our brand's initiatives regarding sustainability and CSR, please have a look at our Impact Report here.