The B.P. de Silva Bespoke Journey is our most sought-after service, dating back to our first generation. Our Founder, B.P. de Silva was commissioned by royalty across the globe to create fine keepsakes. From creating engagement rings to family heirloom keepsakes, each bespoke jewel takes minimally 8 weeks to come to life. For over a century, B.P. de Silva Jewellery Specialists have personally curated the exquisite gemstones we craft with, each one from our Natural Gem Library, home to over 150,000 gemstones.

Creative Collaboration


It's one of the first things we ask, as we seek to understand the story you wish to celebrate — be it a love story through an engagement ring, or a personal gift to self. Just as every story is one of a kind, a bespoke creation is, too. During your initial appointment with us, our Gem Specialists will curate some gemstones for your exploration and discovery. From there, we'll work on design proposals that allow us and our creations to honour your story.

Masterful Craftsmanship

Once the design is finalised, we continue the journey with 1:1 scale maquettes (artist models) to allow you to get a better idea of how the finished design will look, and feel when worn. Once confirmed, it is then in the experienced hands of our Master Craftsmen to bring your jewel to life.

The Grand Unveil

The wait is over, and your commissioned design is finally ready - and we assure you, we are as excited for its reveal, as you are. It's a House tradition to unveil your bespoke jewel over a freshly brewed cup of Ceylon tea, and under natural light, where you will meet your newest keepsake in its most authentic beauty. Here's a look at some of our past creations, each exquisitely one of a kind. 

It all starts at the B.P. de Silva Flagship Boutique's most exclusive space:
The Drawing Room.