Diamond Quality: The 4C's

Diamonds are amongst the most sought-after gemstones in the world, and with over a century of crafting with them, the unique fire and sparkle of each natural Diamond continues to awe. Our House Standards ensure that our Gem Specialists maintain a strict process in selecting each of our Diamonds. With each of the 4C's under GIA's criteria - Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat - B.P. de Silva adheres to only the highest levels.

Cut: A Commitment to Excellence

The cut of a Diamond encompasses symmetry and polish all which play into the overall proportion determining the gemstone's brilliance. 

Diamonds that are cut poorly do not exude the same sparkle or liveliness even if they are of high colour and clarity, so the cut of a Diamond is often considered one its most important qualities.

The facets, known as the crown, table, girdle and pavilion and culet, are arranged with precise mathematical proportions to maximise a Diamond's fire, life and brilliance. The Colourless Diamonds we craft with are in the Excellent grade.

Colour: From the Desired Colourless
to Rare Fancy Coloured Diamonds

As nature's creations, Diamonds naturally develop in slightly different colours and shades. In Gemmology, we use a grading scale from D to Z to show whether a Diamond is truly colourless (D) or light yellow (Z).  B.P. de Silva Colourless Diamonds are within the high colour grades of D to F. Here's a quick chart to illustrate:
 Fancy Coloured Diamonds, however, are an exception to the Colour Grading mentioned above. Colour evokes emotion, and Coloured Diamonds are no exception with their different unique hues making them an irresistible treat for gem collectors and jewellery aficionados.

Clarity: Natural Inclusions and Their Effect on Diamond Clarity

Natural Diamonds, taking billions of years to form in the Earth and being subject to searing temperatures below the surface, would also have inclusions forming within them, and blemishes that may be found on the surface of a Diamond

Though usually invisible to the naked eye, inclusions influence the way light is reflected and refracted. The closer a Diamond is to being Flawless (FL), the higher its value. At B.P.’s we only use the high clarity grades of Internally Flawless (IF) to VS2 (Very Slightly Included).

Carat: A Diamond's Weight

A Diamond's weight is measured in carats (1 carat = 0.20g), and is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a Diamond. At B.P.'s, the Diamonds we curate as the centre gemstones of our Bespoke Diamond Engagement Rings begin at 0.7-carats, and go on to endless possibilities.

The B.P. de Silva Diamond Difference:
The 5th C — Character

Whilst Diamonds might have the exact same specifications on a certificate, we believe it's important for clients to note that discovering the one-of-a-kind magic between each one goes a careful step further. 

Exploring a Diamond in person makes all the difference, especially under the generous glow of natural light in our Atelier. The way that light is captured and refracted within a Diamond creates a magic like no other.

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