The Love Token Collection: An ode to timeless, precious loves

“All my most treasured jewels have a connection, a story, a precious emotion to them that’s etched in my heart. My excitement for this collection led me to imagine designing one with my son’s initial, for me to cherish and wear close to heart. My little sweetheart has brought me unimaginable light, love and perspective. He’s truly one of my greatest loves, and with him in mind, the design began to form."

– Shanya Amarasuriya, Creative Director

The Love Token collection features designs that carry love; precious keepsakes that remind us that even the littlest things can carry the greatest, sweetest sentiments - perfect for gifting a loved one, or for one’s self as a symbol of a personal story, or milestone.

Recently, a client of ours shared her fond excitement over the collection’s launch. She visited our flagship boutique, and began sharing with us the initials of her daughters’ names for the Love Token Diamond Necklace. They would be safekept for the perfect moment of unveiling, where the two sisters could share a moment of knowing how beloved and cherished they are.

Inspired by history

Originating in the early 1500s as possibly the first example of Diamond faceting, the Rose Cut Diamond holds significance and allure. It’s prominently featured in heirloom jewellery from the Georgian and Victorian eras, intended to captivate with its brilliance when illuminated by candlelight — reminiscent of an Old Mine Cut Diamond that is crafted entirely by hand.

Receiving a jewel adorned with a Rose Cut Diamond carries symbolism closely tied to love.

 The Love Token Silhouette is graced by an octagon form. 
Featured above: Love Token Signature Diamond Necklace and Love Token Delight Diamond Studs in yellow gold.

Staying true to B.P.’s Art Deco sensibility, using the octagon form for all the jewels around both personalised coin and Rose Cut Diamonds showcases a protective silhouette. Marrying both the geometric aesthetic and symbolic significance of the octagon creates a timeless jewel with historical resonance. 

“Regardless of love story, the love token is meant to be worn as a timeless, versatile and precious keeper of our special milestones, memories and moments."
– Shanya Amarasuriya, Creative Director

The Love Token collection is now available online, and at our Flagship Boutique for a closer look, and feel. 

Celebrating Mums

Last weekend, we held intimate candle-making sessions with cherished guests and their loved ones. Through the workshop, they were encouraged to revisit memories with Mum (or as a Mum!) and choose a scent that could honour that memory.

The B.P. de Silva flagship boutique was blooming in more ways than one for our Mother’s Day event.

We also explored more ways of expressing love, and writing letters is always a favourite way here at B.P.’s.

We had such a meaningful time, and we’re honoured to have heard the heartfelt stories shared during our event. Missed out on this experience? Join our community to make sure you’re kept in the loop for all things B.P. de Silva - especially if you’re a #gemgeek, a romantic, a jewellery collector, or are looking for heirlooms to be enjoyed across generations.

As for those celebrating, here’s wishing you a brilliant Mother’s Day!



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