Gem Extraordinaire 2024: Exceptional Gemstones, Design, and Craftsmanship

It seems that spring truly inspires a yearning for colour, and this year, B.P.'s brings forth a new experience for clients through Gem Extraordinaire. The event offers a peek into precious historical design archives (including a never-before-seen gouache painting by our Creative Director), and event-exclusive ideas.

blend of past and present, whilst dreaming up designs for the generations ahead.

Beyond a closer look into our heritage, through this event, our storied archives are brought back for modern interpretation.  Clients will also be offered in-depth insights into the brand’s extensive customisation services, allowing for the selection of favourite designs to be reimagined in desired gemstone colour ways and combinations. 
We're thrilled to introduce a new array of vibrant, coloured gemstones, opening the doors to limitless inspiration. From natural gemstone bridal sets to sapphire engagement rings and personal diamond keepsakes, Gem Extraordinaire seeks to cater to a variety of discerning tastes and occasions.
At the event, we also showcase a behind-the-scenes glance at the making of a jewel, with maquettes to try on various designs.

We are delighted to host jewellery lovers, gem aficionados, and friends of the brand. Image credit: Seraphina Yong

From mesmerising Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies and Diamonds, to the understated charms of Paraiba Tourmalines and Tanzanites; there exists a captivating world of unique coloured gemstones waiting to be discovered in person.

If you've been hoping to explore your favourite B.P. de Silva design, or perhaps simply wish to #gemgeek with us over some fresh tea mocktails, RSVP below to secure your slot before the event concludes this Sunday, 10 March:

Gem Extraordinaire, March 2nd to 10th. RSVP below:


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