Wedding Day Elegance: Explore Si Dian Jin, and other Bridal Jewellery Ideas to Complement Your Dress.

For many brides, one of the first things that comes to mind when planning for the big day is the wedding dress, and choosing the style of it – would it be an elaborate traditional gown that honours your heritage, or the sleek, contemporary white dress of Pinterest dreams?
Another incredibly important and meaningful part of the wedding ensemble is the bridal jewellery, or Si Dian Jin (四点金) which is a set of jewels (usually a ring, necklace, a pair of earrings, and a bracelet or bangle) traditionally gifted to a bride from her future mother-in-law, a gesture of welcome into the family. Apart from this Teochew custom, many cultures around the world also deem jewellery as a means to safekeep this precious family milestone.

Jewellery is a wonderful way to carry heartfelt sentiment into the ceremony, and for far beyond the wedding, with every piece intricately weaving its own tale into the very fabric of a couple’s love story.

 From vibrant coloured Sapphires and other natural gemstones, to scintillating Diamonds, we explore an array of dreamy variations to complement different bridal styles.

Tasteful Traditions: The Qun Kua (裙褂)

The Qun Kua is a resplendent two-piece wedding gown, most often found in hues of red - an auspicious colour. Translating to "skirt" (Qun 裙) and "jacket" (Kua 褂), these garments are intricately woven with gold and silver threads. Adorned with a symphony of lace, sequins and intricate beadwork, this gown celebrates heritage, craftsmanship, and love, connecting brides to their cultural roots.

The Lovedrops™ collection

To pair with the vividness of the Qun Kua, B.P.'s Lovedrops™ collection is the perfect complement. Inspired by the love that surrounds us, these jewels hold their own, shining through intimate tea ceremonies, or the grandest of weddings.

A Culmination of Cultures: The Kebaya

“Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand have jointly submitted the multinational nomination to inscribe "Kebaya: Knowledge, Skills, Traditions and Practices" on the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Humanity in end March 2023. The five countries agreed to work together on a multinational nomination for the first time, to celebrate kebaya as a form of shared history in the region."
The National Heritage Board, Singapore.

The origins of the kebaya can be traced back to colonial times. Adorned with intricate embroidery featuring a rich tapestry of florals, and other exquisite Asian influences, the kebaya remains an enduring symbol of cultural heritage and beauty. Today, it is still a favoured choice amongst many communities in Southeast Asia, especially Peranakans.

High Street Collection

Drawing inspiration from delicate latticework and elegant Peranakan designs, our High Street Collection pays tribute to BP de Silva's inaugural Atelier at High Street back in 1872. Its intricate filigree, adorned with an Old Mine Cut Diamond in the centre, illuminates the flowing silhouette of a kebaya, creating a perfect fusion of tradition and modern elegance.

Significant Silhouettes: The Sari (also known as Saree)

Saris are widely worn in various celebrations across South Asia, especially in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The options for design and style are vast, though all have a beautiful common thread: the majestic details.

Like jewellery, saris can become family heirlooms, passed on from one generation to the next. How extraordinarily special it would be to receive a full wedding suite, from dress to jewels, from a beloved family member.

Moonlight Collection 

Whilst it might be unconventional, and adds more of a contemporary twist, our Moonlight Collection might just make for an iconic pairing. With plush silhouettes and generous proportions in exquisite 18kt yellow gold crowned with the finest Blue Sheen Moonstones, each design amplifies the glorious statement of a bride’s sari.

To Be Wed in White - A Trend set by a Queen

It’s been said that Queen Victoria set two strong fashion trends during her lifetime: deep black for mourning and white wedding dresses. This dates back to B.P.’s first generation, in the 1800’s. 

Whilst the practice of wearing white as a bride began in the West, today, it is one of the most immediate visualisations of a wedding dress almost (if not) anywhere in the world, due to its constant appearances in Hollywood and other forms of popular culture.

Top and left: photograhy by Maritha Mae for Bali Bright, Right: Deco Darling Ring in Aquamarine, from the Deco Darling Collection

Something borrowed, something blue; the age-old rhyme (since 1871, just a year before B.P.’s was founded!) still rings true, and in light of it, our selection for the white wedding dress would be our Deco Darling Collection, particularly in the Aquamarine designs for that dreamy blue hue.

The Deco Darling Collection has long been a favourite among our clients, with iterations of its silhouette created for various commissions, these pieces seamlessly transition into everyday jewellery, for cherishing long after the big day.

Celebrating Love and Tradition

As 2024 unfolds with celebrations of love in this auspicious time, and in light of the incoming Lunar New Year, we’re pleased to offer our flagship boutique guests* a complimentary set of 8 angpows (in your colourway of choice: prosperous red or luxurious gold), until Feb 12th.

We’ll also be launching new jewels in auspicious colourways very soon - stay tuned, or drop by our flagship boutique to find out more!

*subject to availability.


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