High Street: Celebrating our Singapore story

Carved out of a jungle, High Street was the first colonial street built in 1821 by the British in Singapore. Soon after construction, many merchants set up shop there and High Street became one of the primary locations for trading and retail.

B.P. de Silva's story

Our story begins half a century later when our founder, Balage Porolis de Silva, opened the first B.P. de Silva Jewellers shophouse along High Street in 1872.B.P. de Silva Jewellers’ first store along High Street.

B.P. de Silva, as he was known, rented a shop space in High Street where he sold fine jewellery, carvings, lacquerware and silverware.

Business boomed and B.P.’s hired goldsmiths from Ceylon to help in the expansion. Eventually the High Street establishment was combined with a jewellery workshop above the retail floor. This was where he spent much of his time, personally overseeing the goldsmiths at work.

From the turn of the century until the 1970s, High Street was the go to shopping destination, especially amongst affluent locals and travellers who were looking for a reputable jeweller.

In the 1970s, however, with the emergence of shopping arcades as well as the development of Orchard Road, there was a shift of shoppers from High Street which was made even more distinct once the government acquired properties including the B.P. de Silva shophouse.

Though we have had many places to call home since our days along High Street, it has been and continues to be an extremely sentimental place in the B.P. de Silva story as it marked the beginning of our 151 years of history. It was along that street that the seemingly idealistic dreams of a 19 year-old B.P de Silva came to life, where his many penned letters to royal families turned to patronage and customers walked in and walked out as lifelong friends. 

High Street is where our story started, and we will always remember it fondly.High street back in the 1980s, and now. 

The High Street Collection

With its intricate filigree and charming Peranakan silhouette, the High Street Collection takes inspiration from shophouse latticework and framed windows – a tribute to B.P. de Silva's first atelier in a shophouse along High Street, in 1872; where cherished memories of the past come alive in a tapestry of refined craftsmanship.

In designing the form for High Street, we took to exploring and studying shophouses as tribute to our first Atelier. After all, B.P.’s came to be due to our Founder’s decision to start a business along one of the most prestigious roads in Singapore at the time.

The windows, and their iconic latticework particularly stood out. Windows are symbolic of the past, present and future. They balance nostalgia, and hope – and we really wanted to capture that in our design." – Shanya, Creative Director

Featuring an Old Mine Cut Diamond centre, one of fine jewellery’s most historic and celebrated cuts. A symbol that evokes the past, and reflects the romance of the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras.

Each of its 58 facets is masterfully done by hand, perfectly proportioned for an unparalleled glow by candlelight. Old Mine Cut Diamonds are also the last variety to be faceted entirely by hand, making each one an incredibly rare find.

 If you would love to discover more of the charmingly timeless High Street Collection and view the Old Mine Cut Diamonds, schedule a visit with us, have a lovely spot of Ceylon tea and explore the range up close in person.


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