Two Royal Jewellers, One Global Collaboration

B.P. de Silva - The Royal Jeweller of Southeast Asia

A book on B.P. de Silva’s heritage by Richard Boyle, published in 1989.

In the year 1890, 18 years since the brand’s founding in 1872, B.P. de Silva had built a reputation of exceptional quality, and integrity, and was honoured to embark on a remarkable journey when he received his first royal commission from the Duke of Connaught, the third son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught was B.P. de Silva's first royal client.

Duke of Connaught’s Visit to Singapore. Image: National Archives of Singapore

Since then, our royal patronage flourished, with the brand crafting bespoke and fine keepsakes for royal families around the world, including notable figures such as Prince Alexander of Teck, Siam’s King Chulalongkorn, the Sultan of Johore and more. B.P. de Silva also designed a precious jewel that was presented to Queen Victoria herself during her Diamond Jubilee in 1897.
Sultan Ibrahim of Johore commissioned B.P. de Silva to create a tiara for his daughter.

B.P.’s sincere dedication to quality in craft and in service stems from our very first generation, and still remains a steadfast ethos of the brand today.

As we look to unveil a very special launch this November in collaboration with another royal jeweller, we look back on some royal and crown jewels in history.

A peek into royal insignia:

B.P. de Silva’s Duchess Sapphire Ring is a high jewellery design that pays homage to our royal patronage. Featuring a dazzling 4.95ct unheated Blue Sapphire, one of B.P. de Silva’s signature gemstones, the design team was also inspired by the Connaught Sapphire Brooch.

The Connaught Sapphire Brooch

Photo: The Royal Watcher

The Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross

Queen Elizabeth II poses for an official portrait on her coronation day on June 2, 1953 in London, with the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross and the Sovereign Orb. Photo: The Court Jeweller

One of the world’s most legendary diamonds, The Cullinan Diamond which was 3,106ct - the largest diamond rough in the world - at its discovery. In 1908, the diamond rough was sent to The Asscher Diamond Company in Amsterdam to be cut into several other diamonds, belonging to a group that would be called “The Cullinan Suite”.

“The 530.2-carat pear-shaped Cullinan I and the 317.4-carat cushion-cut Cullinan II, which were later incorporated into the Crown Jewels. Cullinans I-IX, [are] the end result after months of work by master diamond cutter Joseph Asscher" — Town & Country Magazine.

Cullinan I (known as the Great Star of Africa) is mounted on the head of the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross, a crown jewel that is also part of the british royal family’s coronation regalia. It has a long history, and was most recently seen during King Charles III’s coronation:

King Charles III at his coronation. Photo: Town & Country Magazine.

Two Royal Jewellers, One Global Collaboration.

This month, we’ll be unveiling yet another chapter in our story, and we can’t wait for the journey to unfold with you, our precious community. Watch this space as we share more snippets and sneak peeks of the jewellery collection we’ll be launching on the 19th of November.


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