B.P. de Silva x Royal Asscher Present: The Deco Centennial Collection

Two royal jewellers, each hailing from opposite corners of the globe—B.P. de Silva Jewellers from the East and Royal Asscher from the West—have teamed up to showcase their rich heritage and exceptional craftsmanship in a collection of exquisite jewellery that pays tribute to 100 years of Art Deco.

At the Craftsman’s Bench.

“The collaboration between both jewellery families has been years in the making, beginning with a call in 2020 with Mr Edward Asscher, the fifth generation President of Royal Asscher, on the possibility of collaboration.

Fast forward to 2023, we worked closely with the 6th generation Royal Asscher team to specifically select the perfect Royal Asscher Cut diamonds for each design in the Deco Centennial Collection.”

– Shanya Amarasuriya, Creative Director of B.P. de Silva

For the Deco Centennial Collection, both brands dive deep into their heritage as storied jewellery houses, as well as look to 100 years of Art Deco history for inspiration. What emerged are five exquisite design forms that create a brilliant rhythm across the whole collection.

Design Theme: Twenties Tassel 

Left to Right: Deco Centennial Twenties Tassel Convertible Earrings, Deco Centennial Twenties Tassel Diamond Convertible Ring and Deco Centennial Twenties Tassel Diamond Necklace

The pieces with this theme capture the energetic and lively spirit of that era, drawing inspiration from the rich textures in the 1920s, like tassel details on a swinging dress. The idea and form are a tribute to B.P. de Silva Creative Director's grandmother, a passionate dancer born in the 1920s. 

Design Theme: Cosmic

Deco Centennial Cosmic Trilogy Diamond Ring

The allure of the 1920s was marked by a captivating blend of radiance and femininity, celebrated for its effervescent energy that illuminated lively nights. In an age when stars served as timeless beacons for navigation and inspiration, it's no wonder they ignited the idea behind the cosmic design theme and form.

Design Theme: Gilded

The Deco Centennial Gilded Diamond Ring pays tribute to the art of gilding.

Gilding is the art of adorning a surface with a lustrous layer of gold, both for its aesthetic appeal and protective qualities. The Deco Centennial Gilded Ring is a tribute to the women of the 1920s through the late 1930s, symbolising the enduring ideals of protection and strength.

Design Theme: Luminaire

Deco Centennial Luminaire Open Shank Diamond Ring

The Luminaire pieces serve as a visual homage to the generations that have laid the strong foundations of both brands, symbolising guiding lights that are cherished to this day, and beyond. The dynamic illusion of the elevating form seeks to represent the essence of timelessness, almost like gazing through past, present and future.

Deco Centennial Luminaire Diamond Lariat Necklace

Design Theme: Regalia

Regalia captures the regal legacy of both brands, crafting intricate jewels for royalty. The 1.5ct Royal Asscher cut's artful play with light inspires the entire design, with striking geometric ripples even at the band. This high jewellery design presents a one of a kind bracelet-to-necklace interchangeability, a bold detail that challenges the boundaries of thoughtful design and master craftsmanship.

 The Deco Centennial Regalia Diamond Convertible Bracelet transforms into a diamond pendant adding a luxurious versatility to its wearer.

 Adorned with captivating geometric ripples, this bracelet beautifully emulates the Asscher cut, inviting a gentle and enchanting interplay of light through the diamond. 

An Exclusive Showcase: 19th to 27th November

For a limited time only (19 - 27 November), an exclusive showcase of the Deco Centennial collection will feature an incredibly precious historic archive from the Royal Asscher family’s collection: The Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross replica. It has a long history, and was most recently seen during King Charles III’s coronation, and will be displayed for the first time in Asia exclusively at the B.P. de Silva flagship boutique.

The Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross

“We are truly honoured to have worked on this exceptional collection with a heritage brand such as B.P. de Silva. This partnership is more than a mere business venture; it's a coming together of like-minded, passionate individuals who are driven by the same commitment to craftsmanship and affinity to Art Deco.” 

– Mike Asscher, President of Royal Asscher.

The Deco Centennial Collection will be available for discovery and purchase from 19 November onwards, both at our Flagship Boutique and online.

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