At the Designer's Desk: The Bespoke Journey

Step into the enchanting world of our Bespoke process, where craftsmanship meets artistry.

Here at B.P.'s, we provide a service that first started out from our founder, B.P. de Silva, who was commissioned by royalty across the globe to create fine keepsakes — from engagement rings to family heirlooms.

The journey begins through our clients, as they come sharing their preferences and stories of love they hold dear.

It all starts at our Drawing Room, an exclusive and private space for every Bespoke consultation.

Initial Consultation

Prior to the session, our team of Gem specialists will curate a range of coloured gemstones that align with the narrative that the client wishes to portray. Sourcing of specific gemstones is also available, an exclusive service for all of B.P.'s Bespoke clients.


We then embark on a fascinating exploration of distinctive elements through the story of the client, finding inspiration from visual references and ideation boards. Preliminary sketches will be presented as well, laying the foundation for an array of collaborative conversations and design suggestions.


Once the design is finalised,  a 1:1 scale maquette (three-dimensional model) is printed, and that helps the client to get a more complete idea of the design. The jewel will then be sent to the experienced hands of our Master Craftsmen who will bring the design to life.

The Unveiling

The client’s very own Bespoke jewel is finally ready to be unveiled at the courtyard of our Flagship under the soft, warm glow of sunlight. Just as every story is one-of-a-kind, a Bespoke creation is too. Depending on the intricacy of the design, this entire process takes a minimum of 12 weeks. 

As a brand that prides itself on safekeeping stories since 1872, understanding the clients’ stories are always at the heart of each B.P. de Silva design. An established team of designers endeavour to reimagine key details of a story into keepsakes that will be cherished across generations.

If you have a story to celebrate, we invite you to get in touch with us as we weave your dreams into a Bespoke keepsake.


Thoughtful Keepsakes