Modern Brides Embracing Tradition: Si Dian Jin, Precious, Meaningful Jewellery

Time-honoured Traditions

Si Dian Jin (四点金) is a cherished tradition deeply rooted in the Chinese culture. As it is such a precious part of not only a wedding, but the marriage of two families, modern brides look to celebrating their heritage through the jewels they wear on their wedding day.

Guo Da Li (过大礼) is the betrothal ceremony which marks the unity between the bride and groom’s families. During this occasion, gifts are presented to each family, symbolic of respect, gratitude, and the forging of familial bonds. It is typically during the Guo Da Li that a Si Dian Jin set is given to the bride, amongst other gifts. There are traditions similar to Guo Da Li in other Asian cultures, such as Indonesia’s Sangjit or Tinghun, a time-honoured tradition in the Philippines.

Si Dian Jin, which translates to "four touches of gold," traditionally include a necklace, a ring, a bangle, and a pair of earrings, symbolising the groom's commitment providing for his bride; it is also symbolic of wishing the couple an abundance of blessings. The designs have been known to be elaborate, usually featuring motifs that are significant to Chinese culture, such as dragons and phoenixes.

Modern Brides and Timeless Jewels

Image courtesy of Maritha Mae, a Bali Bright Series with B.P. de Silva.

In recent years, B.P. de Silva brides have come to us for modern interpretations of Si Dian Jin, for symbols of love that blend this precious tradition with a touch of personal flair; they request for designs that honour their personalities and love stories, too.

Art Deco Modern

Designs from B.P. de Silva’s Deco Darling Collection

Intricate & Romantic

Designs from B.P. de Silva’s Lovedrops™ Collection
Our Lovedrops Lucky range offers a colourful selection of Sapphires to shine with.

The desire for versatility is a common thread amongst our brides; what they look for in their modern Si Dian Jin sets are for each design can be wearable beyond the wedding day, seamlessly transitioning from the big ceremony, to everyday elegance.

Perfectly Classy

Image courtesy of Maritha Mae, a Bali Bright Series with B.P. de Silva, featuring the Lovedrops™ Collection

Pearls, for example, with their timeless elegance and understated beauty, are a popular choice for brides seeking a more classic look, that never goes out of style, especially when paired with modern wedding dresses and gowns. Symbolising purity and femininity, pearls are often incorporated into bridal jewellery, from delicate earrings to more bold, statement necklaces.

Bespoke and Customised Wedding Jewellery

Si Dian Jin that’s designed exclusively for the couple also makes for an incredibly special experience. Customisation would allow for the bride and groom to personalise an existing B.P. de Silva design via the selection of the gemstones and precious metal colourways:

B.P. de Silva’s signature silhouettes may be reimagined in varied iterations, based on our clients’ desires and needs.

B.P. de Silva’s Bespoke Journey, would open the doors of imagination through the designing and crafting of something completely new and unique.

The essence of Si Dian Jin remains rooted in rich heritage and tradition. Its modern evolution has been a delight to dream up, knowing these wedding jewellery sets are reflections of precious love stories, to be passed down through generations. Si Dian Jin continues to shine as a radiant symbol of timeless love, bridging the past with the promise of tomorrow.

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