A Year of Gems, Glamour, and a Global Collaboration

Perhaps apart from our yearly Christmas carols, thanksgiving at the end of each year is another tradition of ours here at B.P.’s. Through this, we hope that you, too, see the stories you have shared us reflected in this post - as returning ready-to-wear collection clients who looked to us for your daily keepsakes, engagement rings or wedding jewellery, Bespoke Journey clients, or even those for those of you who have walked into our flagship boutique for the first time.

Gems, through Interactive and Intimate Experiences

Throughout the year, we had the pleasure of hosting clients and friends of the brand to share more about our jewellery and natural gemstones: Ceylon Sapphires, Tourmalines, Tanzanites, Morganites, and many more from our Gem Specialists’ curated a selection which included rare, never-before-seen treasures from B.P.'s Natural Gem Library
The lovely Grace Ciao trying on a selection of coloured gemstone jewels from our Galle Lights and Deco Darling Collections.
Our friends at MUSE picked out their favourite coloured gemstone designs. Featured here is our one of our High Jewellery pieces: The Grand Plush Sapphire Necklace.

Alongside gems, some of our experiences included scrumptious offerings, too! 

Many of you may already know that guests at B.P. de Silva are treated to our signature tea blends during their visits, but this year, we included another crowd favourite - chocolate! - in the mix, to pair with tea whilst poring over precious jewels.
Our Tea Master leading the conversation on the significance of tea to B.P.'s history,
and pairing delicious brews with delightful bon bons.
A splendid celebration with our radiant guests!

Speaking of delectable, more natural coloured gems in the most irresistible hues made their debut in our Plush™ Collection, which now features custom-cut rare Teal Sapphires, vibrant Tsavorites and more.

Glamour: B.P. de Silva's Jewellery on Exquisite Voyages

Our partner, the talented Maritha Mae's photography was recently featured on British Vogue.

We are honoured to be a part of Bali Bright, a Visual Diary Series presented by local creatives and talents in the beautiful island paradise of Bali. Our jewellery, from Deco Darling, to Lovedrops™ to Lotus Collections, to mention a few, were paired with different silhouettes - from statement making wedding gowns to sleek silhouettes for an elegant tea ceremony; and all made even more magical with an awe-inspiring natural backdrop.

Our jewels also made several appearances in Los Angeles, California, for a different scene: red carpet appearances, and glam gatherings.

From left to right, at Variety's Power of Women event in LA: Netflix's Wednesday star, Emma Myers wore our Deco Darling Aquamarine Ring; Actress Madison Bailey from Netflix's Outer Banks wore our Lotus Diamond Ring

From top to bottom: Angelique Cabral dazzled with our Moonlight Aura with Diamond Halo Ring to ABC's Dancing With The Stars Finale; Academy-Award Winner, Allison Janney rocked our Deco Darling Aquamarine Studs to a holiday event by Roger Vivier.

Reel by The Ivory, watch the full length video here.

Meanwhile, here in Singapore, the team at Hilton put together an incredible team for their Bridal Show and we were thrilled to be the official jeweller for the show, and to work alongside Jimmy Choo and The Ivory.

A Global Collaboration: B.P. de Silva x Royal Asscher

In November, our global collaboration with the Royal Asscher came to life through the Deco Centennial Collection, a showcase of jewellery designs featuring a patented Royal Asscher Cut Diamond as the centrepiece of each Art Deco inspired precious keepsake.

To celebrate the launch, The Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross (replica) was also on display for the first time in South East Asia, and for a limited time exclusively at our Flagship boutique

As another royal jeweller with roots dating back to the 1800s, the Royal Asscher is known to cut for beauty. It was a true pleasure to share their stories as a label known for one of the most iconic Diamond cuts in history, with our community here, and we’re also humbled to be able to bring across our stories of the East, and of Singapore, worldwide.

The Deco Centennial Regalia Diamond Convertible Bracelet is interchangeable, and may worn as a Diamond necklace as well.

It’s just the beginning, we truly look forward to more dazzling experiences in the future, so stay close; we are excited to share them with you too. 

December came quickly after, and our cosy home in Dempsey came aglow once more with thousands of little lights, ready to greet the holiday season, one that always brings us smiling faces coming through our doors; guests ready to pick out Christmas gifts for loved ones, and keepsakes of their own to cherish. It's truly the most wonderful time of the year.

And in the spirit of love and light, our Creative Director, Shanya, penned a letter to share with you, our precious community.

A Letter from our Creative Director

Every heart has a story to tell. 

With the new year just around the bend, like many I imagine, I carry gratitude in my chest laced with a pang of bittersweet nostalgia as the ink dries up for 2023.

Gatherings with loved ones this time of year bring about its own kind of magic – one that slows time down as our stories are exchanged and laughter is shared around the dinner table. 

The hearty chuckles, the tender glances, the moments of shared memory recall – I relish in them all.

Sharing our stories are a big part of our lives and foster a sense of connection within ourselves and each other, especially as we reflect back or dream ahead into the future.

So whatever 2023 has been for you, the B.P. de Silva team and I wish you an even more beautiful and exciting year ahead full of joy, discovery, love and great health. May you continue to share your stories with your loved ones or recite them back to yourself in your own way so that they may be a glowing light for days ahead.

With love,

Thoughtful Keepsakes