Symbols of Love — in all forms

From time immemorial, jewellery was given as gifts as a sign of our love and affection. Whether it is to show someone our love and appreciation, or even as a gift for oneself, jewellery remains the ultimate symbol of love as they are precious, beautiful and carry deep sentiment.

Gifts of Self-Love

Honour and celebrate the milestones in your life with a well-deserved gift to yourself. There is something truly special about a gift of precious jewellery, and here are some ideas for when you deserve something special:

The Plush™ Teal Sapphire Necklace

With its strong and bold silhouette, the Plush™ Teal Sapphire Necklace is undoubtedly a showstopper and makes the ultimate self-love gift to keep close to one’s heart.

Galle Lights Morganite Ring

Our iconic Galle Lights Morganite Ring allows you to embrace self-love and gratitude. Reminiscent of Galle’s breathtaking sunsets, the ring reminds one to take time to rewind and appreciate Mother Nature. 

Lotus Diamond Studs

With organic curves akin to that of a lotus leaf, the exquisite Lotus Diamond Studs symbolises grace and resilience. Gift yourself this pair of Diamond studs as a celebration of your strength and resilience.

Deco Medley Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Deco Medley Diamond Tennis Bracelet presents a sleek eternity of Diamonds in geometric cuts. Marrying classic sophistication with contemporary, this versatile bracelet is a must-have for a modern woman.

Gifts of Romance

Giving that special someone a gift is one of the oldest expressions of love. Milestones, anniversaries, celebrations or even simple occasions are great opportunities to surprise your significant other with a gift. Jewellery serves as a symbol of the love shared with your significant other. Here are a couple of jewellery gift ideas for those searching for a meaningful way to express their heartfelt love:

Pocketful of Gems Diamond Hoop Earrings

Make the love of your life dazzle in our Pocketful of Gems Diamond Hoop Earrings. Featuring round brilliant Diamonds that scintillate amidst a geometric form, this pair of Diamond earrings will surely make her heart skip a beat.  

 Pocketful of Gems Diamond Necklace

The Pocketful of Gems Diamond Necklace brings playful Art Deco inspired silhouettes to the forefront of fine jewellery. Great for everyday wear, not only will this necklace help elevate her outfits, it is also the perfect way to keep you close to her heart.

Deco Pop Aquamarine Necklace

Bestow your significant other with our Deco Pop Aquamarine Necklace. Designed for everyday luxury, the necklace’s sleek, geometric form adds to its understated charm.

A Gift of enduring love for the Family

Heirlooms hold a special place in our hearts, connecting us to our heritage and ancestors, and reminding us of the enduring love and legacy of those who wore them before. Celebrate your family’s heritage and the special bond that unites each of you with modern heirloom pieces: 

Lovedrops Dainty Diamond Necklace, Lovedrops Signature Diamond Studs

 The Lovedrops keepsake, with its intricate filigree, symbolises the rich tapestry of life and the beauty of connections that spans across generations. 

Old World Charm™ Diamond Convertible Necklace

The Old World Charm™ Diamond Convertible Necklace elegantly doubles as a personalised wax seal - the perfect heirloom that embodies the essence of family traditions, shared stories and enduring love.

Dreamer's Bouquet Diamond Bracelet

Putting a fresh spin on tennis bracelets, our Dreamer's Bouquet Diamond Bracelet features a row of exquisite floral blooms made up with Diamonds. With each wearer adding their chapter to the story, this heirloom becomes a living testament to the family’s legacy.


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