A Toast to Heritage

Offering tea to a friend, or even a stranger, is a cherished tradition in Asian hospitality. It is seen as a gesture of friendship, warmth and hospitality, symbolising warmth and genuine care for guests. 

Indeed, it was customary for Balage Porolis, the founder of B.P. de Silva Jewellers, to greet each guest and welcome everyone who entered his jewellery store with a freshly brewed cup of Sri Lankan tea. For him, the act of sharing a cup of tea was a sign of respect and friendship.

Time has not made this simple act any less relevant and this practice continues to this day.

B.P de Silva, together with master tea blenders, collaborated to create three tea blends that are served exclusively at our Flagship Boutique – The 1872 Black tea, Singapore Summer and Pandan Halia.

 The 1872 Black tea

Named in honour of the year our company was founded, The 1872 Black tea is a tasty ode to our beginnings. With a crisp freshness that lingers gently on the palate after each sip, this tea is a must-try for single-estate tea lovers.

 Singapore Summer

With top notes of tropical pineapples and ripe cherries, this blend reveals subtle undertones of citrusy sweetness reminiscent of Raffles Hotel's iconic Singapore Sling. Bound by the robust black tea, this infusion is exceptionally smooth and has become a favourite among our clients.

This brew is caffeine-free and best enjoyed chilled. Try sipping this amidst the lush greenery and surroundings of our Flagship – simply heavenly!

 Pandan Halia

Elegantly composed, the delicate Butterfly Pea tea is flavoured with a hint of ginger, celebrated for its extensive health and medicinal benefits. 

The natural blue colour gives it a royal touch, and is combined with soothing lemongrass and pandan leaves. This flavour profile is perfect for savouring throughout the day and unwinding at any hour.

Tea - the perfect accompaniment to appreciating jewels

Newlyweds serve tea to their parents and elders as an expression of gratitude towards their love and support; in return the newlyweds are gifted with jewellery and red packets. This symbolic gesture underscores the importance of family bonds and embodies the value of grace and harmony.

Undoubtedly, sharing a cup of tea creates a space for meaningful connections and conversations.

Let's talk jewels over tea

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