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Diamond Jewellery: From Pendant Necklaces to Rings

There’s nothing as scintillating quite like a Diamond. One of the fascinating things to observe is how a Diamond’s glimmer changes between different cuts (imagine the radiance of a step-cut Diamond compared to a Round Brilliant solitaire Diamond’s fire, refracting light across a precise 58 facets). 

Every piece is a marvel to behold, and a sheer delight to craft with. At B.P.’s we take particular care in the Diamonds we craft with, abiding by stringent 5C’s (clarity, colour, cut, carat weight, and character) House Standards developed by our Diamond Specialists.

Whether it’s a Diamond Engagement Ring arrangement with an Art Deco silhouette like our signature Jazz Age New York New York Ring, or a tennis bracelet with a medley of geometric Diamond cuts, or a pair of High Jewellery earrings with Diamonds that gently sway with the wearer’s movements, each one comes to life at the hands of a master craftsman.

Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands 

One of the most time-honoured jewels said to surely make hearts race, is the Diamond engagement ring – surely because it’s beautiful but more than that, it celebrates true love and promises the beginning of a precious life-changing chapter.

Beyond the timeless Diamond solitaire engagement ring style, clients have a plethora of options to choose from today. B.P. de Silva clients especially reach out to us for reimagined classics - like a trilogy engagement ring design - or something more sleek and contemporary, like Art Deco halos and forms.

Clients also look into custom and bespoke jewellery services and pair their dream Diamond engagement ring designs with a wedding band that perfectly complements their vision for the perfect bridal jewellery set. One of our most popular Diamond wedding band designs is our Jazz Age Slow Dance Mixed Diamond Band, which is available in different 18kt metalwork colourways.

Diamond Bracelets

With Diamond tennis bracelets, there’s an almost playful exploration to be had for both B.P. de Silva Designers during the ideation process, and the clients that end up wearing these precious keepsakes. 

We offer daintier renditions, as well as bolder mixes of Diamond cuts paired within one piece, creating a dynamic statement as each Diamond cut catches and interacts with light differently. We also have options that feature Sapphire and Diamonds, should clients prefer that subtle pop of colour.

Diamond bracelets are perhaps one of the most versatile pieces to add to a jewellery lover’s collection because they are so timeless. Worn alone, or as part of a curated wrist stack, Diamond bracelets stand the test of time and trend.

Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

In 2022, we launched our Marquise Mist Collection which features intricate bouquets of Diamonds to form necklace designs, and pendants that mimic flowers - an ode to Mother Nature’s organic forms. We then continued to push boundaries, and launched a first of its kind Diamond convertible necklace that transforms into a wax seal as part of our Old World Charm Collection.

Those are just two examples of how different Diamond cuts allow our Designers and Master Craftsmen to dream endlessly with our creations.

Today, necklaces, especially Diamond Necklaces, continue to be an excellent choice for gifting, especially for designs that come with an adjustable chain.

Diamond Earrings, Hoops, and Studs

For clients that reside in Singapore or are visiting, a repertoire of earring styles await your discovery in person at our Flagship Boutique. For our clients overseas, you’re always welcome to explore our designs on our website, or through our social media channels.

From ready to wear, geometric bezel-set Diamond hoop earrings to organic stud silhouettes shimmering with round brilliant Diamonds, to custom Diamond Solitaire Studs where our clients may explore different carat weights, there’s a Diamond earring for every affair. Enjoy the journey of pairing different jewellery types like Diamond necklaces or bracelets, especially for clients looking for their wedding jewellery sets or Si Dian Jin.

For extra special days, clients may request to view our range of High Jewellery earrings with Diamonds, or commission a new personalised design via our Bespoke Journey.

Schedule a visit to our Flagship Boutique here, to get the conversation started.