B.P. de Silva High Jewellery – A celebration of heritage, craftsmanship, and exquisite natural gemstones

Last week, we held a private showcase at our Flagship boutique, for an intimate introduction to our Heritage High Jewellery Collection, which features five one-of-a-kind designs, celebrating B.P. de Silva’s 150-year history.

The preparation for this collection took more than a year, and warranted extensive research and development, as well as technical mastery.

“When I look at our archives, we've done high jewellery, but it was always made to order for private, discerning clients but we've never fully expressed the prowess of our Designers and Master Craftsmen to this degree. With our Heritage High Jewellery Collection, it's like safekeeping our own stories as an ever-evolving family business and also celebrating how far we've pushed ourselves across generations." – Shanya, Creative Director

A Master Craftsman examines and conducts a quality check on The Duchess Sapphire Ring.

The Duchess Sapphire Ring:
An Homage to our Royal Patronage

During our first generation, B.P. de Silva received its first royal commission from the Duke of Connaught, in 1890; and our royal patronage would grow, with the brand crafting fine keepsakes for royal families around the world, including the Sultan of Johore, and Siam’s beloved late King Chulalongkorn the 5th.

The design for The Duchess Sapphire Ring takes inspiration from Victorian crown jewels, and more specifically, the Duchess of Connaught's Sapphire brooch - a bridal gift from the Duke of Connaught himself, and one of the Duchess’ most cherished treasures.

The Duchess Sapphire Ring paired with a Victorian gown from the Ivory Bridal.

Rows of diamonds are all set in gold with precision, ultimately blooming into a dazzling 4.95ct Unheated Blue Sapphire. Out of the entire collection, this is the only piece not crafted in platinum, as a design detail aimed to accurately represent the 19th century, where 18k to 22k solid gold was most widely used for fine jewellery making.

 The Grand Plush Sapphire Necklace:
A Symbol of Hope and Revival

The second generation's jewel holds a significant story and tribute to our Founder’s distant relative, Titus de Silva. During the second World War, Titus saved as many gemstones and jewellery as he could from the B.P. safe to bury them under a tree for safekeeping. When the war was over, he returned to the site and uncovered the hidden valuables, affording B.P. de Silva a second lease of life.

B.P. de Silva's century-old Grandfather Safe is a grounding presence in the Drawing Room – a brand icon, and testament to Titus' story.

Today, we commemorate his story with the Grand Plush Sapphire Necklace. A 10.50-carat Modified Emerald-cut Unheated Yellow Sapphire at the core signifies a beacon of hope and resilient spirit. Embraced by 1,944 pavéd Round Diamonds, this design detail embodies protection and integrity, as Titus de Silva himself displayed then.
The Grand Plush Sapphire Necklace paired with Ivory Bridal’s bedazzling Gatsby-inspired gown.

The Deco Empire Morganite Earrings:
A Juxtaposition of Quiet Confidence and Grace

The muse of the third generation is our Creative Director’s very own light: her late grandmother, Hemalatha.

The Deco Empire Morganite Earrings is paired with a flowy and free, romantic silhouette, a visual nod to an empowering time for women in B.P. de Silva’s 3rd generation.

“She had fire, and she had grace; my grandmother exuded this quiet, secure confidence – much like many of our clients today. She was always firm but she would deliver even the hard truths with a kindness – a balance that she so naturally had. I wanted to tell her story through design, and that's why she became the muse for our 3rd Generation jewel." – Shanya Amarasuriya, Creative Director

 The linear Art Deco form in Diamonds - the hardest material on Earth - paired with sweet, oval-cut Morganites at the core. The juxtaposition is a metaphor of her: a strong woman ahead of her time, and armed with a generous, and youthful heart that made her such a beacon of light to many. 

The Deco Empire Morganite Earrings with approx 3.47-carat natural Morganites on each side.

The platinum tassels set with Baguette Cut and Round Brilliant Diamonds bring forth a gentle visual rhythm and movement that makes the diamonds even more scintillating and playful, just like the effect of a dress amidst a lover’s twirl.

The Horizon Royal Diamond Earrings:
An ode to Clarity, Honesty and Growth

Celebrating someone through fine jewellery is akin to immortalising a story – an honour in itself for jewellery designers like us. It’s especially meaningful if it’s someone that has impacted so many lives, like our Group Chairman, and Shanya’s father: Mr Sunil Amarasuriya.

“For the jewel, I had originally thought to create something with a teal Sapphire, and whilst I still can see that for him and his story, the clarity, honesty and integrity he has brought to the company and to me, as his daughter; it just had to be a one-of-a-kind design with Step-cut Diamonds that hide nothing, but reflect light in a pure and direct way." – Shanya, Creative Director

The Horizon Royal Diamond Earrings is styled with Ivory Bridal's sleek Velvet gown, for an overall sleek and elegant ensemble.

The Monument Legacy Sapphire Ring:
Across Generations

The finale of the Heritage High Jewellery Collection is a special collaboration between two generations; both Shanya and her father worked on the concept for the Monument Legacy Sapphire Ring, a symbol of the brand’s 5th generation.

Both certified gemmologists with a passion for jewels and gemstones, there was no question that the 5th generation’s jewel would be crafted with one of the finest Sapphires we have in our Gem Library, and we ultimately chose a 7.55-carat unheated Royal Blue Sapphire to craft with. The challenge was to design something that represented how we saw B.P. 's, now and for the generations to come.

The Monument Legacy Sapphire Ring takes inspiration from one of B.P. de Silva’s most requested engagement ring silhouettes - the Jazz Age Monument Ring, a design that has seen both Diamond and Sapphire iterations.

“We wanted to create something that would also resonate with our clients today. This design is so requested for, it's our way of also having their voice distinctly applied in our creative process. Because they're a part of the B.P. de Silva story too." – Shanya

We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to showcase our work to esteemed guests and friends of the brand. We would like to thank Vogue Singapore, our media partner for our Heritage High Jewellery and Modern Heirlooms Showcase, as well as The Ivory Bridal for dressing our models in their resplendent, dreamy gowns.

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