Celebrating Nature: Organic Forms, Colours, and Meanings at B.P. de Silva


B.P.'s Marquise Mist collection presents an arrangement of Marquise Diamonds carefully arranged to mimic delicate petals, the exploration akin to a florist taking the time to create unique bouquets that carry precious sentiments.

For centuries, Mother Nature has served as an inspiration for artists and creatives all over the world; similarly for B.P.’s, where organic forms, textures, and colours, have enthralled our designers since our first generation in the 1800’s.

From the B.P. de Silva design archives – intricate silhouettes that mimic waves, flora, and fauna. 


A study of petals, leaves, and natural curves for the Marquise Mist Collection.

Every journey into a new design takes our team rounds of research and prototyping, with many collections taking more than a full year to conceptualise and perfect. After designs are finalised, every jewel is then thoroughly assessed by our stringent team of specialists – for the quality of craftsmanship, wearability, and comfort, to name a few.

The Marquise Mist Diamond Bloom Necklace in 18K White Gold.

“Just as every floral bouquet is one of a kind, Marquise Mist design is too – with each Diamond handpicked, thoughtfully arranged to create a visually graceful movement. One that evokes a sense of freedom and femininity."
– Shanya, Creative Director


The graceful curves of a lotus leaf, reimagined into our Lotus Diamond Studs, set with a dazzling array of Diamonds.

bespoke rendition of a brand icon: in 18K Rose Gold, adorned with a breathtaking 1.51ct Padparadscha Sapphire. 

The Lotus flower is significant in Sri Lanka, where our Founder was born. These beauties bloom across many rivers around the nation.A Lotus flower harvester in Kekiwara, Sri Lanka. Image courtesy of Wild Bee Florals

The Lotus Tower in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Image courtesy of Fujitec

The Lotus is so beloved that the tallest building in Sri Lanka, (and South Asia) happens to be modelled after a lotus bloom: The Lotus Tower is a known landmark in Colombo, and can be seen even across its surrounding suburbs.

Beyond being a tribute to our Founder, the symbolic meaning behind the lotus is something that we in B.P.'s hope to celebrate through design as well. As a flower that thrives, and even blooms brilliantly amidst harsher conditions, it represents resilience and grace. It also symbolises the cyclical nature of life, and is associated with the idea of renewal and regeneration.
The Lotus Bud Diamond Necklace, an eternity necklace inspired by gentle curves of the lotus and its effortlessly resilient nature.


Just as no two forms in nature are alike, no two colours in nature can ever be exactly the same. No two sunsets, no two beams playfully sparkling across waves, and no two natural gemstones can be completely replicated.B.P.’s Galle Lights collection, inspired by the skies and seas at our founder’s Hometown; Galle, Sri Lanka.

The beauty of Galle, our Founder’s hometown, continues to inspire us today - and we took to colours to celebrate the sights around the charming seaside city. We specially chose stunning Aquamarines and Morganites in different cuts to portray the memories that many associate with Galle: stunning sunsets, sparkling seas, and unique architecture.

As designers, we explore and convey emotions through colours. Certain hues, or the way light is refracted through a gemstone can relay stories and memories at just one glance.A client's proposal in California.

One of our clients proposed our Jazz Age Monument Diamond Ring which features a fancy-coloured Diamond the hue of the sky the moment #shesaidyes. Her engagement ring will always remind them of that priceless memory.

B.P.’s Moonlight Reverie Ring – it’s adularescence akin to the soft glow of a moonlit sky.

Another example would be one of our signature gemstones, the Blue Sheen Moonstone. Its distinctive appearance, characterised by a soft, ethereal glow known as adularescence, reminds one of the moon in the sky, especially in a round or oval cabochon cut.

A pairing of B.P.'s Moonlight Grace Ring and Moonlight Dream Studs, surrounded by Diamonds in a Halo.

Paired with Diamonds and playing with geometry (the ring pictured above features a custom-cut Blue Sheen Moonstone, almost a rounded, plushy marquise), our Moonlight Collection features one of a kind pieces that effortlessly liven up a discerning outfit from day to night, all the while, gleaming with an understated charm.


Nature will always provide a wealth of inspiration for us here at B.P.’s, whether it’s for our ready to wear collections, or for our clients’ bespoke jewels. That’s not only a privilege, but also, an enjoyable, endless adventure that we are thrilled to share with you along the way.



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