Stories from our Archives

With over 150 years of history, it is little wonder that our archives hold a treasure trove of stories.

Each story reflects the values of all who have been a part of the B.P. de Silva brand journey and one of the most precious safekept stories is one that speaks volumes on how integrity has been and continues to be at the heart of who we are.

Titus de Silva was a distant relative of the founder, Balage Porolis de Silva who left Sri Lanka and joined the company as business was quickly expanding in Singapore. Though he was young, our founder recognised him as someone who was bright and hardworking, and thus gave him the opportunity to prove himself, rise through the ranks and eventually take charge of the jewellery business in both Singapore and Malaysia.

The business continued to flourish under his vision and leadership, but things took a sharp turn when the war brought the business to a screeching halt. World War Two came to Singapore when the first bombs were dropped on the island on 8 December 1941. For the next three years, people suffered badly as it was a time of great unrest - chaos raged through Singapore and looting was rife.

Titus knew that he could lose the company’s precious jewels to the looters any day and he knew he had to act fast. Titus thought hard and then quickly put plan into action. Taking care not to raise suspicion, he retrieved the finest gemstones and most precious jewellery from the Grandfather safe, and on the pretext of taking a walk one afternoon, he emptied and buried the precious inventory under a nearby tree. 

When the war was over, he returned to the site and uncovered the hidden valuables. Thus, he was able to quickly jumpstart the business with his team, affording B.P. de Silva Jewellers a second lease of life. His quick thinking, strong morals, and love and loyalty towards the people and company is one of many such stories of individuals who have left their mark on the company. 

His story has lived beyond him, and always will, safe kept with us forever.

Featuring B.P. de Silva’s Grandfather Safe from which Titus de Silva retrieved the gemstones.

This antique safe is well over 100 years old today and continues to stand guard at the Drawing Room of our Flagship Boutique.

Commemorating Titus’ story

Commemorating this fortuitous chapter in its history is the Grand Plush Sapphire Necklace, with a glorious 10.50-carat unheated emerald-cut yellow sapphire embraced by 1,944 pavé round diamonds. 

Forming a plush halo around its centre stone, this necklace portrays the core ideals of protection, inner strength, integrity and love, thus relaying Titus’s story

Unquestionable integrity, indeed.

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