B.P. de Silva's Guide to Setting Styles

At first glance, it may seem that the setting on a piece of gem-set jewellery is merely to keep the stone in place, but having the right setting can elevate the natural beauty and allure of a particular gemstone.

There are various types of settings available, so read on for a better understanding of Setting Styles and how the type of setting affects the stone’s overall brilliance and its susceptibility to external elements.

Prong Setting

Prong settings typically feature four or six metal "claws" that grip the gemstone securely in place. A timeless classic, this setting lets in maximum light, enabling the Diamond or coloured gemstone to sparkle more brightly and appear more prominent. For this reason, the prong setting makes an excellent choice for a solitaire engagement ring. 

 Our Galle Lights series of rings showcases a classic and contemporary style of prong settings - the prong settings are hidden, allowing the brilliant gemstones to float above the band and into the light.

Bezel Setting

Our Deco Pop Collection displays Asscher-cut coloured gemstones, like green Tourmaline and pink Morganite, wrapped in a bezel setting.

Bezel setting is one of the oldest methods of securing gemstones in jewellery. It employs a metal band that wraps around the stone, lending itself to a modern aesthetic. This setting is elegant and timeless, easy to clean and maintain. 

Pavé Setting

A pavé piece is one of the most meticulous gem settings to create. In a pavé setting, small gemstones are placed close to one another with minimal visibility of the tiny metal beads that hold them together. 

It involves drilling holes into the metal where the stones are to be set and secured with tiny beads or mini-prongs. When done well, pavé gemstones appear as closely laid cobblestone.

The beauty of pavé setting lies in its ability to give incredible brilliance to the overall design while highlighting the centre stone, making pavé settings a popular choice for wedding and engagement rings.

 Discover the intricacies of pavé setting in our Plush Collection, a series of rings that features a stunning Round Brilliant Diamond centrepiece haloed by rows of micro pavéd glimmering Diamonds.

Channel Setting

Channel settings involve embedding the stones along a track between two walls of metal, where the stones are set side-by-side for a smooth flowing design that draws attention towards the centre stone.

Each stone is held in place by a slight lip on the metal walls of the channel, securing the diamonds and gemstones in place. This setting is ideal for those with an active lifestyle since the stones are flushed with the band and protected from exposure.

As part of our Jazz Age collection, the Slow Dance Mixed Diamond Band, Brooklyn Flair Diamond Ring and Skylight Diamond Band features a band of Brilliant and Baguette cut Diamonds set in a channel setting.

When deciding on the type of setting that is ideal for you, there are various aspects to consider such as your personal style, preferences and lifestyle. To ensure that settings are executed to perfection, it is important that you work with a reputable jeweller. Here at B.P. de Silva, our jewellery is meticulously crafted with precision and passion. Discover more of our collections by having a chat with our fine jewellery specialists.

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