If I were a B.P. de Silva Jewel, I would be a...

At B.P.’s, we’re big believers in choosing high quality keepsakes and designs that speak to us. Everyone has a different path and story, and naturally, that also means that our tastes and styles vary. We have a number of jewellery collections which feature distinctive qualities – some are sleek and modern Art Deco designs, some pay homage to time-honoured crafting techniques, and there are also those more intricate forms with a romantic twist.

A question born out of a creative meeting had us interviewing various members of our team, and we were heartened by their meaningful sharing.

We hope you will be, too.

Pocketful of Gems Necklace

“If I were a B.P. de Silva jewel, I would be our Pocketful of Gems Sapphire Necklace because it has a seemingly simple design, but spend more time with it and you’ll start to notice that it’s layered with thoughtful details. Similarly, I'm someone who takes time to warm up to people, and from there I open up once I get to know you better.”

– D, B.P. de Silva Design.

Lotus Diamond Studs

“I would be a pair of Lotus Diamond Studs because to me, they’re so timeless and elegant; they exude calm and they’re understated, but they’re still noticeable from the moment they’re in the room.”

– R, B.P. de Silva Jewellery Specialist.

Horizon Wave Band

“If I were a B.P. de Silva jewel, I would be our Horizon Wave Band. It is multifaceted, yet subtle. It’s got these various waves and phases, much like life but at the end of the day it is still a complete circle. In fact, it’s the wedding band I chose for me.”

– L, B.P. de Silva Strategy. 

High Street Diamond Necklace

“For me, I relate most to our High Street Diamond Necklace because of the subtle and romantic details, and its Old Mine Cut Diamond right at the center of the design. It’s completely hand-faceted, and I absolutely love how it doesn’t compete with the more modern cuts; it just shines and holds its own.”

– W, B.P. de Silva Digital.

Which of your jewellery do you relate the most to?

We had fun interviewing our team, and we’re fuelled to know more about you, our clients!

Which of your jewellery makes you smile your brightest? Is it the engagement ring that took your breath away and you said yes to? Or the jewellery that you wore on your wedding day?

Perhaps, it’s a precious family heirloom that was passed down from generations before, and you wear everyday? We’d love to hear your thoughts over a fresh cup of Ceylon tea. Schedule your visit to our Atelier to view fine jewellery, or to simply geek over gems with us. We look forward to celebrating your stories.


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