B.P. de Silva Engagement Rings

At B.P.’s, we’ve had over a century of crafting some of the most meaningful family heirlooms the first one usually being the engagement ring, and because it’s such a monumental keepsake, we understand that choosing the right design may be daunting.

So we thought we’d share some details of our signature ring silhouettes along with our Creative Director’s notes, and we invite you to see which one speaks to you.


Meet our newest classic design: The Horizon Solitaire Diamond Ring
“Over the years, we've had the honour of crafting jewels for inspiring individuals who journey through life with effortless elegance, and inner strength. It's our encounters with them that sparked the almost fluid forms in our Horizon jewels.

The Horizon Timeless Diamond Ring is a design that’s carefully balanced through proportion; that 1.01ct Round Brilliant Diamond centre we handpicked holds its own, complemented by the signature facets accentuating the movement that makes our Horizon band truly one of a kind.

Its form exudes a sense of understated elegance and strength - perfect for the client looking for a classic solitaire with an architectural quality. Shanya.

Other B.P. de Silva ring designs that feature more refined, and classic silhouettes include our iconic Plush Diamond Ring:


Introducing our newest Art Deco design: The Jazz Age Brooklyn Diamond Ring
One look at this 1.05ct Hexagon-cut Diamond and I was taken back to the first time I saw the iconic Brooklyn Bridge - an architectural masterpiece of its era that still reigns today.

During our next Design Meeting, whilst exploring our Art Deco designs, we paired our Jazz Age Slow Dance Diamond Band with this Hexagon wonder, we knew this was the ring silhouette we were meant to craft. From there, getting the precise symmetry was both our biggest challenge and reward.

Freedom and Love - these are the themes that inspired our Jazz Age Brooklyn Diamond Ring. A one-of-a-kind stunner meant to be worn by that special someone who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd."  Shanya.

The Art Deco era and its idyllic silhouettes serve as some of B.P. de Silva's greatest design inspirations, and our Gem Specialists always delight in coming across exceptional cuts that could bring a new Art Deco design to life, to join these geometric jewels:


Each of our engagement rings are one of a kind, crafted to be cherished across generations. Beyond becoming the ring to propose with, some of our clients choose these designs as gifts to self, anniversary or milestone presents, or as a part of a curated collection of future heirlooms. 

Regardless of the occasion, we are, and always be honoured to safekeep life's best stories.


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