Celebrate heritage, with a modern twist.

 Traditions tend to get forgotten and disappear over time, but the gifting of Si Dian Jin (四点金) continues to be observed in most Chinese weddings.  

Si Dian Jin which translates to ‘4 Touches of Gold’, was traditionally a four-piece set of betrothal jewellery that a mother-in-law would gift to her daughter-in-law to welcome her into the family. It was customary for the mother-in-law to go about getting the jewellery pieces but increasingly, we see brides selecting the pieces for themselves.

Today, brides would choose Si Dian Jin in White Gold or even Rose Gold jewellery set with Diamonds and coloured gemstones, making these modern heirlooms that continue to be worn and enjoyed long after the wedding ceremony.

The Lovedrops Collection

Modern bridal jewellery pieces inspired by true love stories.

Born out of a creative collaboration between our Creative Director in New York and our Head designer in Singapore, our bestselling Lovedrops
Collection is a great option for today’s modern bride. 

Celebrating the union of brilliant-cut Diamonds with intricate filigree work, each Lovedrops™ keepsake lends a simple elegance to the bridal outfit.
One can wear the Lovedrops™ Diamond band individually or stack them in multiple colour ways to make a statement piece.

The Lovedrops™ Lucky Collection

Paying homage to the Chinese heritage.

Our Lovedrops Lucky Collection is an ideal choice for brides looking to don a piece of modern and contemporary jewellery that also embraces tradition. 

With the stylised ‘auspicious cloud’ motif cleverly worked into the designs, dreamy blue Sapphires in the centre and accented with twinkling Diamonds, the pieces bestow the wearer with blessings as she embarks on a new chapter.

Deco Darling Collection

For the modern romantics.

The Deco Darling Collection features a play on shapes and silhouettes inspired by the Art Deco era.

A sleek halo of round brilliant-cut Diamonds and baguette-cut Diamonds that encase a cushion-cut Aquamarine or Morganite, unveiling a thoughtful juxtaposition of linear forms and softer edges.

The Deco Darling Collection creates a timeless Si Dian Jin set and is the perfect complement to elegant bridal gowns that can be gracefully transitioned into everyday jewellery.

Deco Pop Collection

Add a pop of colour to your Si Dian Jin.

Designed in mind for brides who favour a pop of colour, the Deco Pop Collection is another great option for a contemporary Si Dian Jin set.

Create your own ensemble with different gemstone options, from Morganite, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Citrine and many more, for a truly dazzling ensemble.

Celebrate your union with a bespoke creation

Why not craft your very own Si Dian Jin to reflect your own love story?

B.P. de Silva offers the option to design pieces that are exquisitely one-of-a-kind, a service that was first offered by B.P. de Silva, our founder, to royalties across the globe.

As part of the Bespoke Journey, our Gem Specialists will curate a selection of gemstones for your discovery and exploration, delving into the story you wish to celebrate. Every design holds an intricate element seamlessly woven into place; each gemstone resonates deeply as it exquisitely tells a tale reflective of all that is dear.

Have a treasured love story to share and celebrate? Let's have a chat over tea. 

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