Fancy Diamonds for Mom

Nothing symbolises eternal love as much as diamonds. And there is no better way to show Mom that you love her infinitely than with something truly special, an exquisite piece of Fancy-cut Diamond to honour her.

Whether it is to show Mom how much you appreciate her warm smiles and encouragement, or to surprise the mother of your child with a bespoke piece of jewellery, we have the perfect emblem of love for her this Mother’s Day.

Kite-shaped Diamonds

Shown above, our Jazz Age Breakthrough Diamond Ring features a Kite-shaped Diamond as its main centrepiece.

As the name suggests, these diamonds look like kites flying high in the sky. Kite-shaped Diamonds - boasting two shorter edges paired with two longer straight edges on either side - are exceptionally striking, hence making the pieces of jewellery very distinct and unique. Said to be a rising star in the world of Diamond shapes, the unique silhouette of the Kite-shaped Diamond makes for a spectacular piece of jewellery.

If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that is unique yet versatile, the custom-cut Kite Diamonds in our Jazz Age Breakthrough Diamond Ring may just be the thing. Well, it is certainly a surprise that will set Mom’s heart aflutter (in a good way, of course).

Hexagon-cut Diamonds 

The Jazz Age Brooklyn Diamond Ring (shown above) takes inspiration from New York City's iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Sleek and edgy, it features a bold 1.05ct Hexagon-cut Diamond, surrounded by Brilliant and Baguette-cut Diamonds on the band.

The Hexagon-cut brings a lot of light into the centre of the stone, giving it a dazzling sparkle, and making this the perfect choice if you desire a Diamond that is one-of-a-kind and appreciate a vintage aesthetic with a modern twist.

Emerald-cut Diamonds

Another Fancy-cut Diamond is the Emerald-cut Diamond, coveted for its glamour and timeless elegance. What is interesting is that its elongated form makes the stone appear bigger than other diamond cuts, and the Diamond's vertical facets creates a ‘hall-of-mirrors’ effect that produces flashes of light.

The Jazz Age Fifth Avenue Diamond Ring features a striking 2ct Emerald-cut Diamond as its crowning centrepiece, flanked by Baguette-cut Diamonds.

Classic Diamond Silhouettes: For mothers who appreciate simplicity

Moms who appreciate timeless elegance and enduring radiance will delight in the understated beauty of Round Brilliant Diamonds. These stunning gems boast an exceptional sparkle that captures the eye, drawing attention to its impeccable symmetry and flawless craftsmanship. Whether worn alone or paired with other precious gemstones, Round Brilliant Diamonds exude effortless sophistication and are sure to become cherished treasures for generations to come.

Mothers everywhere deserve recognition and appreciation all year round but more so on Mother’s Day. Honour the most cherished person in your life with a gift that endures. 

Mother's Day at B.P.'s

This Mother's Day, the team at B.P.'s has put together a unique experience for you and Mom. Indulge and bond over our complimentary chocolate bonbon and tea pairing session at our Flagship Boutique – a luxurious treat that will delight all of your senses.


Date: 13th May 2023 | Saturday
Address: 14C Dempsey Road, B.P. de Silva Flagship Boutique

Reserve your spots and spend a leisurely afternoon with Mom exploring and tasting the different teas that go best with our assortment of delicious handmade chocolates.



We are also giving away complimentary bouquets of flowers for all mothers on 14th May! Swing by B.P.'s Flagship Boutique and bring home a complimentary bouquet of flowers on us – it’s our way of paying tribute to all the wonderful mothers out there.

See you soon!



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