B.P.'s Engagement Rings to treasure this Spring

B.P.’s Sapphire Engagement RingsEvery Jewel at B.P.’s sings a tale that is uniquely theirs. Just like love, no two are alike. 

“Spring – a beautiful time to bask in the sweetness of new beginnings."


Spring is a magnificent time with many wonderful moments to celebrate; from unforgettable proposals to dreamy wedding celebrations – it is a season of joy to all. With such a light-hearted time of year upon us, it is only fitting to choose jewels that embody the spirit of the season and the return of colour.

Every B.P. de Silva engagement ring is designed to mark a lifetime of love and adventure ahead. From painterly pastel hues, to vibrant colours that are bold and bright, our passionate gemologists take time to source every fine gemstone which is then transformed through the imagination of our design team into timeless jewels.

Sapphire Engagement rings featured above, all fully customisable:Deco Desire Sapphire Ring, Ceylon Regalia Sapphire RingGalle Lights Sapphire Ring and the Mirissan Dawn Padparadscha Ring.

Throughout our history, fine Sapphires have been coveted and prized by our clients for their exquisite hues and sparkly brilliance. Many of our royal patrons were also drawn to this unique coloured gemstone as it symbolises wisdom, truth and constancy - making it a meaningful choice for a special heirloom such as an engagement ring.

Today, with our curation of different coloured non-heat treated, natural fine Sapphires in our Gem Library, we take great pleasure to continue creating one of a kind engagement rings that are not just beautiful jewels, but truly extensions of the wearer's style and sensibility.

Blue green hue gemstones are amongst one of the more popular colours for Engagement Rings. Shown above, from left to right: Our Rhapsody Green Tourmaline Ring and Enamoured Teal Sapphire Signature Ring.

Teal gemstones such as Teal Sapphires have been a highly sought after colour to incorporate into our iconic ring design silhouettes as they exude an understated, yet regal, mysterious beauty.

The Queen of Sapphires, a rare, 2.57ct natural Padparadscha handpicked by our Gem Specialists to be the crowning glory of our Monument Engagement Ring series.

Another exquisite Sapphire is the Queen of Sapphires - the Padparadscha Sapphire. The gorgeous sunset hued Sapphire where shades of pink and orange playfully dance in the light is a signature gemstone for B.P. de Silva. This rare gemstone is one that has captured our heart for generations and continues to be a constant design muse, exuding a sense of passion and hopefulness. Our Deco Darling and Deco Pop rings in Morganite and Aquamarine gemstones.

While Sapphires are the signature gemstone of the House, we also work very closely with expert lapidaries in Germany to facet some of our favourite pastel gemstones - Morganite and Aquamarine. These two gemstones offer a softer, more delicate tone of blush pink and baby blue which are perfect romantic tones for a Spring romance. You can find them featured as the main gemstones in our Art Deco inspired silhouettes Deco Darling, as well as the more minimalist collection, Deco Pop.
The unparalleled brilliance of a Jazz Age Monument Diamond Ring featuring a cushion-cut Yellow Diamond.

We also design with fancy coloured diamonds, such as Fancy Yellow Diamonds which have been very popular in our Jazz Age Monument Engagement Ring silhouette, giving an old world glamorous pop of colour to an enchanting and uniquely B.P. de Silva form.

Alongside our signature design silhouettes, we also have an exclusive bespoke service where our design team works directly with our clients to create their dream ring from sketch to finish.

Whether for our own collection or for a bespoke jewel, like witnessing flowers bloom in spring, it is an unparalleled joy to witness design ideas come to life. No matter how many engagement rings we create, we continue to feel honoured being part of such love stories and strive to create beautiful, masterfully crafted, heartfelt jewels to mark a special new season.


There is always something new for everyone to explore at B.P. de Silva Jewellers – if you would like to discover more of our collections, customisation or bespoke services, pop by our Flagship Boutique at Dempsey for a chat with our fine jewellery specialists.

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