At the Designer’s Desk: a glimpse of our design process

Our jewellery design process is carefully orchestrated in a series of stages that brings the narrative of each piece to life.  A meticulous process of revisions and refinements, every minute detail is carefully considered to capture the vision behind every design. This iterative process, from conceptualisation to final execution, allows us to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that are not only beautiful and wearable but also hold deep significance for their wearers.

Of Stories and Inspiration

Through inspiration sketches and moodboard representations, our designers are able to externalise their thoughts into visual cues for further revision and refinement – engaging in a conversation with any technical design problem at hand. By embracing this reflective process described by Schön as "reflection-in-action”, they continually improve as they delve deeper into their designs.

Unleashing Creative Brilliance

At B.P.'s, our design team ignites their imagination by sketching a myriad of ideas, capturing them on mood boards. These sketches lay the foundation for the visual path that leads to the creation of our exquisite jewellery. Drawing inspiration from our rich heritage and the allure of the
Art Deco era, our team breathes life into timeless silhouettes.

Once a design is finalised, the design team meticulously handpicks the perfect gemstone to complement the silhouette, one that allows the gemstone to shine. There are also instances where the gemstone itself serves as design inspiration for the team, complementing the silhouette on hand or serving as its muse.

The Art Of Visualisation

Using cutting-edge Computer-Aided Design software, our designers transform their visions into three-dimensional jewellery models. This process ensures precise measurements and proportions and allows the designers to harmonise the design with the gemstones. The 3D printer breathes life into these models, providing a tangible representation of the final product, known as the maquette.

In the realm of jewellery design, a maquette or 3D model serves as an invaluable tool that grants designers a profound understanding of their creations. It allows them to delve into the essence of the final product – its visual impact and tactile qualities when worn. By carefully considering intricate details such as sizing and fit for gemstones prior to casting, our designers can ensure precision in their craftsmanship.

The Finishing Touches

Once every subtle nuance has been painstakingly perfected, the finalised maquette is then sent for production with a comprehensive design specification sheet. This meticulous attention to detail throughout the creative process ensures that each piece comes to life.

Thoughtful Keepsakes