Old World Charm™ Wax Melting Kit


The Old World Charm™ Wax Melting Kit is the perfect complement to our Old World Charm™ Diamond Convertible Necklaces, for an authentic experience that pays homage to the time-honoured art of letter writing, and forging lasting human connections.

Each kit comes with every purchase of B.P. de Silva's Old World Charm™ Diamond Convertible Necklaces, however, they may also be purchased on separately.


Each  Old World Charm™ Wax Melting Kit comes with:

- 1 personalised B.P. de Silva Box.
- 1 B.P. de Silva suede pouch.
- 2 sticks of Herbin sealing wax.
- 1 brass spoon.
- 1 gold encased tea light candle.
- 1 instructions card.

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