Jazz Age Monument Padparadscha Ring


The Jazz Age Monument Padparadscha Ring features a rare Padparadscha, a sunset-hued variety of corundum (the mineral family of Sapphires and Rubies) — a queen of sorts in the gemstone world, and incredibly sought after by collectors and jewellery connoisseurs. 

This ring is a part of our Sapphire Signatures, a collection of 18K solid gold rings that feature incredibly rare, untreated Natural Sapphires handpicked by B.P. de Silva Gem Specialists. No two pieces are alike, making each piece as one-of-a-kind as the story you want to celebrate, be it an engagement ring or a personal heirloom to gift generations to come.

Padparadscha Sapphire Carat Weight: 2.57ct
Total Diamond Carat Weight: 1.66ct
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Exquisitely crafted in 18K Gold (White).

Other metalwork colours and gemstone variations can be made-to-order upon request.

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