The Duchess Sapphire RingThe Duchess Sapphire Ring

The Duchess Sapphire Ring

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B.P. de Silva Natural Sapphires in Singapore

As Sapphire Specialists, B.P. de Silva’s Natural Gem Library is home to some of the rarest and most beautiful corundums in the world, each one of a kind and chosen for exceptional character. From the most elegant Sapphire engagement rings and everyday Sapphire earrings studs to majestic Sapphire necklaces, our curation of timeless jewels presents something to adore for any jewellery lover. 

Sapphires — A Royal Gem

Sapphires are one of the most durable gemstones in the jewellery world, being a 9/10 on the Mohs scale (second only to Diamonds, which are a 10/10 in terms of hardness), so it’s no wonder they’ve been favoured and sought after for centuries. Sapphires are lovingly referred to as royal gemstones as they’ve graced the designs of many crown jewels, one of the most well-known ones today being the Princess of Wales’ blue Sapphire engagement ring.

In fact, the first design of our High Jewellery heritage line is our Duchess Sapphire Ring, crafted with a breathtaking Royal Blue Sapphire. It is an ode to B.P. de Silva’s first royal commission by the Duke of Connaught in 1890 during his visit to Singapore.

Blue Sapphire and other Sapphire Colours

While blue is immediately associated with sapphires, blue sapphires (in a range of hues like the vivid royal blue or perhaps a softer cornflower blue) are the most requested colour in the jewellery world. Natural sapphires come in almost every colour except red. The red variety in the Corundum mineral family is rubies.

B.P. de Silva has designed and crafted Engagement rings, tennis bracelets, as well as wedding and Si Dian Jin offerings with Sapphires in a variety of hues for generations, especially since Sapphire is one of the brand’s signature gemstones.

Padparadscha Sapphire

The word “Padparadscha” is derived from the Sanskrit word for a lotus flower, which has pinkish petals. The unique mix of sunset pink and-orange hues in every Padparadscha Sapphire makes it so rare — one of the rarest gemstones in the world — and coveted by gem collectors and aficionados.

Due to its rarity, the Padparadscha Sapphire may not be as widely known as the Blue Sapphire here in Singapore. However, those in the know deeply cherish its value and unparalleled beauty and come to us with ideas to create their dream bespoke Padparadscha Sapphire jewellery.

For years, we’ve designed various keepsakes with Padparadscha sapphires in different cuts and shapes (one of the most popular being classic oval cuts), including engagement rings, custom wedding bands, or even jewellery gifts to yourself.

FAQs Natural Sapphire Jewellery

Why are Sapphires such a popular choice for engagement rings?

Sapphires are an increasingly popular choice in Singapore for engagement rings due to their timeless beauty and symbolic connection with lasting love. A Sapphire’s exceptional hardness (9 on the Mohs scale) also makes them durable – fitting for jewels to last a lifetime, and family heirlooms to be. 

Sapphires: For occasions only, or everyday luxury?

At B.P.’s, we always say, there are no hard rules on when to wear jewellery; in fact, some of our clients have shared that sometimes they wear their jewels at home just to enjoy them, especially with a gemstone as durable as a Sapphire. 

Our recommendation though, would be to make the decision based on the design and type of the jewellery you’ve chosen. If it’s an elaborate High Jewellery Sapphire ring and movements with it are inevitable, wearing it on occasions that mark life’s special milestones would not only preserve its pristine condition better, it would also make it feel like an incredibly special treat to self whenever it’s worn.

If it’s a sleek pair of solitaire Sapphire earrings that would match many of your ensembles, we say go for wearing them as often as you’d like. After all, Sapphires have a way of adding that extra luxurious finishing touch to a discerning outfit.

Sapphire Jewellery Care

While it may be one of the most durable gemstones, Sapphire jewellery still requires love and care in order to preserve its beauty and longevity.

Even when your keepsakes are crafted in 18K solid gold, we strongly recommend for clients to remove their Sapphire jewellery before anything related to water based activities, including baths and showers. It’s best to ensure your jewellery is protected from chemicals found in swimming pools, soaps and shampoos. 

It’s also best to keep all jewellery away from moisture (including perfumes and lotions), especially in a more humid climate like Singapore’s. Store your B.P. de Silva jewellery in their respective jewellery pouches in a clean dry place, and use your B.P. de Silva cleaning cloth, after every use/wear.

For more tips on jewellery care, click here, or speak to a B.P. de Silva Jewellery Specialist in our sunlit Flagship Boutique at 14C Dempsey Road, Singapore.