Discover Lovedrops™ - A B.P. de Silva Signature Collection

Above, from left to right: The Lovedrops Royal Diamond Necklace, The Lovedrops Dainty Diamond Ring, and The Lovedrops Signature Diamond StudsBelow:  The Lovedrops Signature Pearl Earrings and The Lovedrops Royal Diamond Necklace.

Introducing a B.P. de Silva Icon

From the streets of New York to the shores of Singapore, Lovedrops was born of an artistic voyage traversing time and space between our Creative Director, who was in Manhattan, and our Design Manager here in Singapore. It was their first creative collaboration whilst they were based in opposite ends of the world.

The Lovedrops™ form is one that is irresistibly tactile – meant to be held, remembered and moved with. An elegant dome marries fine and intricate filigree, mirroring the concept of love in its entirety and complexity. 

The Love That Surrounds You Brings Magic to Life

This collection is a tangible ode to the love that surrounds us; these are pieces crafted for a woman in love, be it for a bride to wear on her wedding day as a part of her Si Dian Jin set, or perhaps a present from a daughter to her Wonder Woman Mama. They make thoughtful gifts as a push present, a keepsake between friends, an anniversary surprise, or even that special treat to self just because.

"My dream for this design is that it connects with many people; that they become keepsakes that can be gifted between loved ones and even passed on across generations." - Creative Director, Shanya.

An I.P. Protected Design, from Singapore to the World

This is also the first time we've applied for Intellectual Property Protection on, to ensure that this collection is well archived and always connected to B.P.’s story no matter how far across the globe it goes. It holds a special place in our brand history, and it embodies our ethos of human connection and family ties.

And with this launch, we hope that Lovedrops can safekeep a special story of yours too.

Here's sending some love to the creatives and kindred spirits
who supported us in bringing this campaign to life:

Location: Capella Singapore
Hair and Make-up: Marie from 27A
Florals and Decorations: Bloomen
Bridal Lace: Bells & Birds



Thoughtful Keepsakes