New Rare Gemstones, Event Exclusive Styles and a Peek Into our Design Archives

At Gem Extraordinaire, be treated to an exclusive viewing of our newest gemstones, meticulously curated by B.P. de Silva Gem Specialists, alongside a peek into designs well loved in our history brought back for customisation and reimagination.

Your Favourite Designs Customised
and Crafted Specially for You

Through our customisation services, clients may choose their favourite designs in their desired gemstone colourways (imagine a bridal set/Si Dian Jin in a gradient of Blue Sapphires to match the dream dress; or perhaps that perfect Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring to complement the grand proposal; or perhaps, a dazzling Diamond and Tourmaline family heirloom to celebrate the arrival of a new family member - oh the possibilities!), Diamond and gemstone combinations, craftmanship settings and more.

Gem Extraordinaire, March 2nd to 10th. RSVP below: