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Bridal Jewellery Set & Si Dian Jin (四点金)

For generations in Singapore, Chinese families, especially Teochew households, have upheld the tradition of Si Dian Jin. Translated as the “4 Touches of Gold”, Si Dian Jin is a four-piece jewellery set that is gifted to new brides as a cherished betrothal gift. It symbolises the bride’s welcome into her new family, and the blessing of a prosperous future filled with peace and everlasting love.

Marrying Asian heritage with modern designs, B.P. de Silva showcases exceptional craftsmanship through its collection of exquisite Bridal Jewellery Offerings. Our clients have the choice of a whole Si Dian Jin set, or a series of complementary wedding jewels from different collections.

Featuring a variety of precious coloured gemstones and Diamonds paired with an array of B.P.’s Colour Medley™ of precious 18K Gold, meticulously crafted to last across generations.

FAQs Bridal Jewellery Set

What does Si Dian Jin symbolise?

Traditionally, the Si Dian Jin set symbolises a mother-in-law's welcome of the bride to be into the family, and is often gifted to the bride during the betrothal ceremony or Guo Da Li, weeks ahead of the wedding. It will then be worn during the wedding day, and from there, become precious family heirlooms to be cherished for years to come.

Traditionally, different pieces of jewellery signify different well wishes. For example, a necklace may symbolise a harmonious union between the two families, or a pair of earrings are emblematic of a perfect pairing. 

There’s a beautiful meaning behind each one, and in today’s context, more and more brides come to us with their future mother-in-laws to explore options for a modern Si Dian Jin set together making it a truly memorable experience. 

How to choose your Si Dian Jin

Here at B.P.’s, we always look to the clients’ needs and desires, especially since jewellery is meant to last, and are crafted to be enjoyed for a long time – even across generations. 

For a sleek and modern take to Si Dian Jin our signature Art Deco designs may be of interest – clients may choose from a myriad colour stories too. For those who have a soft spot for more old world, intricate and romantic designs, we also have our Lovedrops™ Collection, and High Street Collections to explore.

If yellow gold is a must for that traditional touch, and the bride and her mother-in-law have a penchant for jewels that are bolder and bigger, our Lotus Collection is also a well-loved wedding jewellery favourite, with the collection’s iconic organic curves and scintillating Diamonds.

What’s the difference between a traditional Si Dian Jin set and a modern Si Dian Jin set?

Traditional Si Dian Jin sets consist of four unique types of jewellery, most typically crafted in 916 yellow gold (22kt), or 999 yellow gold (24kt) with elaborate motifs that hold significance in Chinese culture. Some motifs include the dragon and phoenix pairing which represent a marriage match made in heaven.

For modern Si Dian Jin sets, brides seek out jewellery designs that speak to their personal style whilst honouring their heritage, and their partners’ too. For example, a bride may choose blue Sapphire earrings to be a part of her wedding jewellery set to signify her groom’s western wedding custom of wearing “that something blue” on their wedding day.

When to start looking for Si Dian Jin?

A bride’s mother in law usually presents the bride’s Si Dian Jin during the Guo Da Li, or betrothal ceremony, which takes place around 4 weeks before the big day. With that in mind, there’s no set timing to start looking for your dream, Si Dian Jin set.

Pinterest is a great resource for wedding jewellery set ideas; some of our clients begin looking from the day of the proposal because jewellery can be such a powerful medium for safekeeping these precious stories, and milestones in life.

Exploring options early on also gives the bride and her in-laws time to explore options for customisation which may take around 6 - 8 weeks per jewel, or even go a fully bespoke route which may take between 8 - 12 weeks per jewel, depending on the intricacy of the design(s).

There’s really no time “too early” to start exploring; after all, these jewels will accompany the bride for a lifetime. Excited to begin your wedding jewellery journey? Click here to request your appointment to view our wedding jewellery in person at our Flagship Boutique.